Gabriela Silva

Conceptual Photographer

Gabriela Silva is a Portuguese creative soul since she knows herself. Her purpose is to tell visual stories, in a conceptual way, using the medium of photography. Ultimately, Gabriela’s passion is storytelling. She aims to share her vision, personal quests about life questions, beauty and struggle, while discovering ourselves through living our true self and meaningful life.

She has a graduation in Management and Informatics, and has a daily job as Agile Coach and Team Facilitator were she can work closely with different people while implementation the best practices of Agile Software Development. It was in Photography that she found her creative voice. She has got a Professional Photography graduation, and complementary courses in Theater, Dance and Fine Art Photography. Recently Gabriela has started a graduation in Art-Therapy in which she aims to combine the therapeutical process of art creation and photography.

Self description: Curious, empathetic, restless creative mind.
Biggest aim in life: Helping others through photography.
Greatest fear: Losing her mind.
Favourite dream: Flying over great landscapes.